About Me

I am by no means a haircare industry professional.  Let me just put that out there right away! :)
I'm simply a woman who loves natural, healthy hair and wants to help others grow their own.

This is my haircare blog, my personal blog is HERE.

I think there was something pulling me toward natural hair for a very long time.  I got my first relaxer at 11 and didn't fully understand what it was.  I thought it meant I'd have straight hair forever after one application.  The day after I got my first relaxer, it rained and my hair got puffy and curly. I was confused.

Fast forward to my pursuits in my late teens early 20s in the entertainment industry.  Having long wavy hair seemed to help me book work as both a hair model and tiny acting/modeling gigs.  I was interested in natural hair, but thought my only option was to chop it all off to go natural.  I'd never had short hair in my life and thought it would ruin my entertainment industry pursuits.

In 2005 I decided to transition from chemicals and grow out my natural hair.  I planned on transitioning for a year.  I lasted 6 months and chopped everything off in my parent's bathroom. (my father, though against the whole idea helped me trim the back..thanks daddy).  Donated the length to Wigs 4 Kids.
 BC day 9/14/05

It was my first time with short hair.  I loved it, but didn't know what the hell to do with my natural hair.  I was the wash n go queen.  It was difficult for me to straighten, and I wasn't able to get the afro I hoped I would have.  I just didn't understand MY hair.

In 2006, I got bored and texlaxed again.  I was happy with the decision for about 2 months.  Afterward, it just didn't feel RIGHT.

On August 7, 2007 I got the last relaxer of my life.  I began a transition that was supposed to last 2 full years.  I almost made it! After 22 months, on June 4, 2009, I chopped the remaining relaxed ends off (in my bathroom this time).
 Fully Airdried hair on BC day 6/4/09

Since then I've been having a LOVE AFFAIR with my hair.  There is absolutely no going back to chemically altering my hair texture for me.  It's just not an option.  The texture that grows from my head is the right texture for me.  I LOVE MY HAIR!!!! (and I want every woman to feel the same way)

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